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How much does google AdSense pay

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For many people, knowing how much AdSense pay is the first piece of information to be evaluated when deciding whether or not to join this business that has already become the main source of income for several digital entrepreneurs.

It makes sense since to make money with AdSense, you will have to work hard on your blog or website, and you need to know if you will get paid enough for all this work. Otherwise, you can look for another affiliate program or something else on the Internet.

It is important to know how much AdSense pays for clicks or ad views so that you can add more of this information when designing your AdSense strategy, whether in designing the blog or website itself or when deciding on ad placement.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising system; it allows publishers to rent a space on our website to Google so that it is in charge of displaying ads on it.

AdSense is an affiliate system owned by Google. It is the largest advertising network globally and the main service through which Google can display ads on many websites. The secret behind AdSense is its simplicity.

The owner of a website or blog only needs to log into their account, create their first ad, and insert the source code on their website. The latter is the trickiest part for non-technical publishers, but still much easier than other ad systems.

How much AdSense pays for ad clicks?

The amount paid by Google AdSense for clicks or views varies widely depending on the amount paid by the advertiser.

As AdSense is the final tip of Google Ads, this system of ads defines the amounts to be paid by advertisers in an auction system. Each click has a different value.

That is why choosing a good AdSense niche is so important to the return that your website or blog can provide you.

Google AdSense passes on to Publishers a percentage of 68% of the amount paid by the Google Ads advertiser to Google. Thus, if an advertiser defines that he wants to pay $1.00 per click on his ad, you will receive the corresponding $0.68 each time this ad appears on your blog, and a visitor clicks it.

It is one of the immense advantages of Google AdSense and other affiliate programs, especially for those who are starting. In most other programs, you only get paid if you make a sale through your website. In AdSense, the visitor simply clicks on the ad, and you are already making money.

How much AdSense pays for showing ads?

Now that we’ve discussed how much AdSense pays per click let’s look at the pay-per-view issue. 

Since AdWords works both on the CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Thousand systems). 

Cost per click (CPC): In this option, you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad that was on display on your page.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): You earn income based on the number of blog visitors. It’s like the transmission of an ad every time someone accesses your page.

AdSense also pays Publisher for the ad serving criterion. In this case, the same criterion used for payment for clicks is valid; the advertiser pays 68% of Google.

If a particular advertiser agrees to pay $10 for each group of thousand views of your ad, Google will pass on $6.80 for every thousand times the ad is displayed on the blog, or an amount proportional to the number of times it is displayed, if this number is less than one thousand.

The benefit of becoming an AdSense partner is that it shows the ads according to the interests of your users by using a specific algorithm.

You need to pick the place where the ad appears and the type of advertisement you want to show on your website. The tool does everything else.

As your audience only sees ads focused on their interests, the chances of clicking are higher, and it is exactly this type of interaction that will generate income for you.

How much AdSense pays for clicks on searches?

There is a third form of remuneration per ad about the clicks given on research pages placed on the blog or website.

In this case, the amount transferred by Google will be 51% of the amount paid by the advertiser.

In the case of clicks on pages of responses to personalized surveys inserted in blogs and partner sites, only those clickable for payment via AdSense are counted whose data on sponsored links are displayed on these answer pages. That is the top links and those displayed on the right side, if applicable.

The question is interesting, to once again demonstrate the importance of choosing good niches for AdSense. If your site is very generalist, or operates in an unprofitable segment of AdSense, on the answer page, there will probably be no links that pay well, and your revenue will be lower. So it is most crucial to choose the niche wisely.

How much you can earn with Google AdSense?

Here’s the main question! And the answer that we are about to give may not be so satisfactory, since the value depends on different variables, such as 

  • The number of visits your blog gets.
  • The number of advertisers in your niche.
  • The type of content you share, among others, on your site/blog.

It is important to use the correct keywords to drive potential visitors to your website to maximize your income with Google AdSense. And, of course, provide quality content for the continuous engagement of users.

Keep a watch on the positioning of the advertisements on your website and aim to position them in places accessible to your readers, taking care not to compromise the user experience.

There is no alternative but to try to find the best place to screen your ads. Place the ad for a month at the top of the page and then do the same test with the advertising on the side of the page or the footer.

Next, equate each version with the number of clicks obtained, and you will retain the best placement.

How do you get your reimbursements from Google AdSense?

You know that Google requests your banking details in the registration process. It is because they will pay you into that account.

Some important information:

  • Payment is made in dollars, through international transfer once a month, to members who have reached a balance of one hundred dollars or more, until the 21st.
  • The payment value is the result of the conversion of the advertisers’ currency to your disbursement currency. To do this, on the day before the ads appear, they use the market exchange rate in force.
  • Keep an eye on the bills charged by your bank for that form of transaction. If you consider them abusive, you can select another one that offers the same service at a lower cost.

Pros and cons of being a partner of AdSense.

Being a Google AdSense partner, like any business model, has benefits and drawbacks for the entrepreneur. That is why we suggest that you keep reading to understand if this is the best option for your blog or channel.


  • Many advertiser options
  • Affinity with your blog or channel subject
  • Variety of formats (sponsored links, graphic pieces, rich media, gifs, and videos)
  • You always decide the ads to show on your site
  • When anyone sees your ad, you always have the chance to raise sales.


  • You need a lot of traffic
  • It can compromise your user experience
  • AdSense partners can take time to get the money

Now that you know how much AdSense pays per click in its various modalities, what did you think of the form of remuneration? Is that what you imagined? Do you think it’s worth it? Even if you’re just going to work online, what we recommend is that you study all the possibilities to understand which one best fits your profile.

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