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How to become a Mary Kay consultant

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The first move is by far the most challenging. Make a commitment with and for yourself. But, once you have done it, you will already be on the right path! This phrase attributed to Mary Kay Ash, founder of the Mary Kay cosmetics direct sales company, surely has already inspired and still inspires many women who decide to work selling the brand’s products.

It all began in 1963, when Mary Kay Ash, a visionary, entrepreneurial woman and far ahead of her time, opened the doors of Beauty by Mary Kay in Dallas, Texas. From there, the company only grew and, by 1970, it already had more than 20,000 independent consultants.

Today, branded products are sold in more than 40 markets around the world and are attracting more and more women eager to be part of this team.

The ability to work with quality products already known in the market, unlimited earnings, flexible hours, significant awards, and recognitions are the main factors that motivate many women to become independent brand consultants. 

Like every other kind of service, being a successful Mary Kay Consultant requires dedication, persistence, and focus. It is necessary to participate in training, always run after new clients, create your own goals, do financial planning, and many more.

If you want to work as a consultant in a company, register as a sales representative. This work is not just an additional income, it is an opportunity to buy cosmetics at a discount! Working at Mary Kay is not annoying, prestigious and profitable. It also doesn’t limit your freedom in any way and doesn’t take a lot of time.

In short, working at Mary Kay is a great opportunity to start your own business.

Let’s take a look at how to become a Mary Kay Consultant, and the benefits of this profession.

Mary Kay Consultant: How does it work?

Virtually any woman who is willing and able to work can truly become a Mary Kay consultant and reap big rewards.

To get started, you need to associate your registration with the details of an independent Mary Kay beauty consultant.

If you already have contact with a consulting firm, optimal with her data in hand, you can register online. In addition, she can already explain all the details of the work and give you tips on how to be successful with this new business.

If you don’t already know a Mary Kay Independent Consultant, you can access the brand’s website and find a professional who is as close to you as possible.

And if you know a Mary Kay consultant by name but do not specifically know her details, you can also do a search using only her first or last name and the state in which she operates.

After registering, you must purchase one of the Mary Kay Starter Kits in order to get started presenting the products and demonstrating them to your prospects. The investment to acquire this kit is $169, a value that can be paid on demand or up to three times on the card.

The products delivered in the kit are equivalent to about $400, that is: with a much lower investment, the new consultancy already has the basic tools to start the job.

The kit usually consists of product samples, as well as magazines and informational brochures and the catalog with all products and prices.

Requests for independent consultants are made through Mary Kay San Antonio, a portal dedicated exclusively to the brand’s beauty consultants, using the consultant’s code and password.

Step by step to becoming a Mary Kay Consultant.

Take a look at a detailed step-by-step on how to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant:

  • Access the Mary Kay website
  • Click on “Be a Consultant” and, after reading the basic information on this page, click “I want to be a consultant!”
  • Suppose you have already spoken with a Mary Kay consultant, and you already have her information in your hands. In that case, you must click on “I know a Beauty Consultant” and fill in the spaces with the initiator code, unit number, and her CPF (new consultant).
  • If you know a consultant but don’t specifically know her details, just click on “I don’t know a Beauty Consultant” and do a search using only her first or last name and the state in which she operates.
  • If you don’t know of a consultant, you can find a professional near you through this link or by clicking, “I don’t know a Beauty Consultant.”
  • Once your registration is complete, pick up the Mary Kay Starter Kit, which will be delivered to your doorstep so you can begin demonstrations and introduce products to customers.

The procedure is simple and, in no time, you will be able to start your work!

The advantages of investing in that opportunity.

But, in the end, why become a Mary Kay Consultant? Worth it? Each person must find their own answers, but below you confer the main advantages of this opportunity:

  1. Have your own business and know that “you are working and benefiting for yourself”;
  2. Work with quality products, known and renowned in the market;
  3. Have flexible hours and work “without pressure,” according to your criteria and decisions;
  4. Have the possibility to always earn more, according to your dedication and planning;
  5. Participate in constant training offered by the brand, which enables professional growth and generates more motivation;
  6. Working for a serious company, considered a network of female entrepreneurship, and that appreciates values ​​such as God, family, and career;
  7. Be recognized and win prizes (such as jewelry, travel, and even the pink car, one of the greatest achievements of independent sales managers) based on their performance.

It is particularly noteable that many women start working as a Mary Kay consultant to earn an extra income (when they already have another service). After a while, they feel financially secure to work only with the brand.

It is worth noting that no miracles happen, but yes, good opportunities – that can be seized with force and transformed into great conquests!

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