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How to Earn Money from Facebook Videos?

by Munim Hamid

We know there was a time when people went crazy over the most used social media app named Facebook. It’s not old news as people are still attached overusing this addictive app all the time and every day. In the past, people weren’t taking much of the use of this app in a financial way, but now, there are always opportunities on the web to earn anytime. Facebook comes into question while discussing this concern as well.

Yes, now, you can easily earn through Facebook as it providing multiple ways to get from your very hand anywhere and anytime. 

We know this very clearly that today is a modern-day of working away from our jobs with ease and comfort. Who would have thought that working from home will be possible so soon and with an outstanding level of peace? Earning online is every third person’s job nowadays as people with severe problems limiting them to stay in one place are working from their homes the best they can.

A trend of online earning 

It isn’t long when online working came into existence, making everyone’s hard life a little easy. People were limited to a 9-5 job or hours at all times as they were strictly limited and needed to be followed daily. This strict schedule was affecting millions, mentally, and emotionally. 

Thanks to Jeff Taylor, who was responsible for founding the site to collect and post help ads from newspapers across the country? 1994 was the year when the first online jo search and first public resume database was made possible.

Since then, more opportunities and options popped up, making it easy for companies to hire people through web ads and searchers to find options in what they were looking for in job preferences. More and more chances and jobs were founded, and every other individual with the most genuine talent could apply for easy and quick earning right in his house.

How is Facebook letting people earn?

Just like other applications, Facebook has also given a platform to many people to earn through their talent while being present and active in the application. It all started with marketing and advertising your work over Facebook, but today you can earn with selling and purchasing over it in no time as well. Here’s a list of what you can do on Facebook:

  • You can develop an app for Facebook.
  • You can sell stuff on the Facebook marketplace.
  • You can be a social media influencer.
  • You can affiliate yourself in marketing through advertising online.
  • You can sell likes and shares to ages that require media attention more than anyone.

Although it’s a small list, you can earn through Facebook in many other ways too. What’s even better is that there is always something available for anyone willing to make through this app. 

A way that everyone loves nowadays

Another critical yet common way of earning through Facebook that we didn’t mention in the above list is earning through Facebook videos. Yes, videos are counted in the inventory of most highly adapted earning trends over social media. People who like to show their creativity in video making are given opportunities through Facebook nowadays to upload their videos on their pages, and ads are provided to earn through their videos.

Just like youtube, Facebook has also started profiting people through ad viewing in their videos by giving them a limited rule list of having a personal page and limits of articles present there. One has to go through a specific procedure before he can monetize your videos on Facebook and earn from them. 

How to earn through our Facebook videos?

If you are interested in making some money through some videos on Facebook and like to show your creativity to the world along with earn some bling with it, keep reading to understand what is needed to reach your goal and learn how to earn money from Facebook videos?


  • First, you need to have a proper and personal Facebook page. You can only earn your money through your videos through a page, not a personal Facebook account. Make sure the page is also unique yet customized exclusively for the reasons of monetizing through your work.
  • Second, make sure your page has at least 10-15 articles published by you. You can either get someone to operate your page or hire someone to post on it, but make sure they are present there, and it all belongs to you. Let’s make it clear that ‘not video or posts’ but least 10 published’ articles are necessary to be present on the page. You must be wondering why things? Then know this that these articles will be linked to your website or blogger site (if you have any) for confirmation.
  • You now you need to be in a professional working lane before you start earning on the Facebook platform. You need to have a proper website, any blogger site, or a WordPress site to be monetized by videos. It’s important because as you are willing to be paid through your videos, you will need to attach a URL to your earning Facebook page. 
  • If you are wondering that likes and followers recommendation will also be present, then worry not, you don’t need to be socially famous to be paid from your work. Yes, we know it’s the priority for earning on youtube, but here you are laid off from this responsibility. 


Just make sure you are working on a good website and have your work going online for some time. You must have your work page and freshly work with at least ten articles. After that, if you apply for video monetization on Facebook, you will be provided with whatever you need. 

How to apply for video monetization on Facebook?

After deciding to earn through your videos on Facebook, you need to check whether you are eligible for applying for this task or not. We may have mentioned the necessary rules to earn through your videos, but now we will tell you the right steps to apply for monetization eligibility. 

  • Open the site name ‘Creator Studio’.
  • There will be a button on left names ‘Monetization’ Click on it.
  • Paste your page link or chose your page from options that you wish to check for eligibility.
  • Click Apply.
  • You will be redirected to a page where your results will be shown in colors. 

The colors will show the eligibility status of your page. 

  • Green: Congratulations! Your page is ready to earn money.
  • Yellow: Your Page has a few issues that may be impacting its ability to earn money.
  • Red: Your Page has serious issues. You cannot use this page to earn money at this time.

After going through this procedure, you will be able to know if you can earn through your videos yet or not. 

You can earn in many other ways through Facebook, as it depends on your creativity and eligibility to present or create something to the world through Facebook. Facebook is at the top list of most used social media apps, so it’s easy reaching the world through this application. Once you get the hang of your work, you will not only be earning through your page and effort but also be appreciated and respected by your audience everywhere. 

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