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How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute

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Do you want to create an account in Google AdSense to start earning passive income with your web projects?

For AdSense to accept you in its program, you must pass a filter and meet a series of requirements.

This post describes how anyone can get accepted by AdSense quickly. Here you have a checklist that you must perform to be accepted by AdSense immediately, and you can start generating income from NOW.

1. Being 18 years old.

Google AdSense does not accept people under 18 years of age on its platform, and you will not deceive them by falsifying your age and date of birth.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to make a mistake when entering your date of birth. You could write it incorrectly, and this was why AdSense rejected you for no other apparent reason. It seems very obvious, but it happens.

2. Write quality content.

Google, and by extension AdSense, is interested in websites adding value to users to keep their advertisers happy and favor clicks on ads, which is also interesting to you. If Google wins, so do you.

Bet on unique and original content.

Focus on writing and publishing quality content that educates, informs, entertains, or inspires. Your users come into your page to get something they need.

Make sure your content responds to that need and that it provides the necessary depth in each case.

Also, BEWARE of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

3. Have your own high-quality posts.

It is a very significant point for the approval of AdSense. Google wants a site with relevant content, always places a high value on its advertisers, and wants to show ads on high-quality websites so that advertisers can maximize their ROI. 

A high-quality website also receives decent traffic. So how will Google consider your website to be of high quality? You need to compose a minimum of 20 relevant articles for that.

The articles’ length must be at least 500 words, and write two articles with more than 1500 words. DO NOT post duplicate content on your website.

You must have enough content so that AdSense can review it, check its quality, and verify your website’s theme.

4. Take care of the UX of your website.

You must take care of the two usability variables of your website: the appearance and the loading time.

If the users find your website visually bad or take a long time to load, the same can happen to Google AdSense.  

Slow loading time or bad design can make users close the web browser and enhance your web page’s bounce.

Concerning appearance, designing a visually ideal website using a CMS such as WordPress and a free template is free nowadays.

As for the load time, you need quality hosting.

5. Review the theme of your website.

Google AdSense is extremely strict with its content policy, and certain topics are banned from the start.

Therefore, before submitting your request, make sure your website does not rely on or touch any of these “prohibited content.”

AdSense can also discard you for enclosing a link to a website that is one of these forbidden topics.

Here is a list of the content prohibited by AdSense:

  • Adult content.
  • Derogatory content.
  • Drug-related content.
  • Alcohol-related content.
  • Tobacco-related content.
  • Health care content.
  • Hacking content.
  • Content with compensation programs.
  • Fake content.
  • Violent content.
  • Weapon related content.
  • Illegal content.

6. Privacy Policy Page.

If you think that a “privacy policy” page does not make sense in a content blog, you are completely wrong.

It is so important that if you do not have this page, AdSense will not bother to check if you meet the rest of its conditions.

The Privacy Policy page is an essential requirement for Google to accept your AdSense account and start inserting ads on your website.

7. Have your own website.

You need to have a website. Having a website means that you must have access to the source code because you need to place the AdSense ad script.

8. Use an email with your domain name.

If you have your domain name such as mywebsite.com, please create your custom email id info@mywebsite.com and use this email for your AdSense approval. With this personalized email, Google will add more value to your application and send it for fast processing.

9. Have a complete website.

Never apply for AdSense for an incomplete website because that would not be useful for the user or the search engine. Make the request only when you have written content and complete pages such as about, contact, policies, terms, and conditions pages. In most cases, people pass a hash (#) as a link for incomplete pages. In this case, the probability of getting an approved AdSense account is very low.

10. Verify your name and email.

When applying, don’t forget to put your name and email address in an easily visible area such as the contact and about us page. It will be confirmed to the Google AdSense team that it is the same person applying for AdSense and not some spam.

It will speed up the verification process, and within no time, you will be able to enjoy your approved AdSense account fully.

11. Add Google Analytics and Search Console.

Each website must configure Google Analytics and Google Search Console. With this you can track the behavior of visitors. Search Console can communicate with Google about the website’s status and guarantee authenticity and ownership of your site.

12. AdSense as the only advertising platform.

Although Google AdSense does not prohibit you from monetizing your blog with other advertising platforms, it is best to leave your website ad-free when applying for AdSense.

There are various website monetization programs (AdSense alternatives) available, like Info links, Chitika, Kontera, Buy Sell Ads, Media.Net, Pop Ads, etc. You should never use any ad program before getting AdSense approval.

AdSense is the best website monetization program as it provides a good CPC (cost per click) and displays only those ads that match your content.

13. Review traffic sources.

The usual thing is that your traffic comes from search engines, from social networks, from your list of subscribers, from referrals on other websites, etc. AdSense considers all of these as legitimate traffic sources.

14. Your site has to be online for at least six months.

For some countries, there is a six months requirement for the domain to apply for AdSense. Here is an official statement from the AdSense team:

In some places, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for six months. We have taken this step to ensure our ad network’s quality and protect the interests of our existing advertisers and publishers.

15. Maintain your blog in advance. 

Make your social media marketing a blast. Join Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (if possible). Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, will provide you with a large chunk of traffic if managed properly.

Tools like Crowd fire and Manage Flitter are great platforms for managing every inch of your social accounts. Keep your timeline up to date and engage your audience.

16. Do not use free hosting. 

You’re already wrecked if you are using Free Hosts. Any day, someday, your blog will be removed without notice or clarification, and your work, as well as your dream, will disappear.

AdSense approves only 1 in 1000 apps they receive from freely hosted websites/blogs. There are manifold demerits of free hosts, and some of them are:

  • No one will take you seriously.
  • Think of yourself as a newbie (merely beginner)
  • Your job has no security.
  • Your job is not safe.
  • Major adverts and affiliate programs will reject you.

For anyone (including you) who wants a fast, affordable, and easy way to start a blog, we recommend Site ground hosting. WordPress.org officially recommends them.


Remember that Google wants new content, and the quality is one of the key points. If you abide by all the instructions mentioned above, 99.99% chances that AdSense can accept you in less than a minute without a problem to generate income as soon as possible.

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