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How to Make Money with Google AdSense without a Website?

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It hasn’t been long since Google introduced online working and earning sources for the job of expecting people. We can first say that it came into existence on its own that making through Google became prominent while advertising and content displaying took a peak. People started to adopt ways of earning through using their talents online while taking advantage of internet versatility. 

Google provides more than one option to let its users make a profit from their website. We all know Google has become a vast part of our lives as we need its assistance on every step of our daily routine. We not only use it for our personal use but also earn from our sharing and usage on Google. 

It hasn’t been long since people have been earning good money from just sitting at home through their tablets and laptops. Online earning is at the palm of almost everyone’s hands now.

Google Commitments with its Users

 Every company serves its goals with its customers and users with pure dignity and honesty, so dos Google. Google and its commitments are a unique example of helping its users the best they ever can while continuing it in for the future as well.  Google has developed many services to guide people and their businesses. Some may be known and are used daily, while some may be hidden away from ordinary people. 

Some of these regular services are Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube, which are highly adopted by millions of people around the globe. Some of the other benefits are:

  • Google trends: It shows the most popular topics searched on Google. It also has a filter for dates and countries to present more elaborated results. You can choose your category like business, sports, entertainment, health, science, and technology, etc. It will display the exact news and trends going on around you instantly.
  • Finding your phone: Another helpful service provided by Google is finding your phone through it. Lost it in a restaurant or placed it somewhere unsafe? Just type ‘Find my Phone’ on the Google bar and click search. Make sure your location is turned on, and if it is, it will instantly detect your phone on Google Maps. If it’s near, you can click the ‘ring’ link to make your phone ring, and you will find it.
  • Google Dashboard: It allows you to check which Google Services are linked to your account. It also shows your bookmarks saved on chrome or phones that are associated with the story. 
  • Google photos: Introduced just last year, Google Photos is a place where you can store unlimited personal data along with organizing it with proper name, date, and location. It also lets you create albums, and if you have Google assistant active, it will combine the photos to create animations of images. 
  • Google Reverse Image Search: Willing to know more about the history or source of an image found on Google? This service helps you accomplish this task.
  • Google Flights: Planning a trip across the world? Check out easy to buy flights from average to expensive rates on Google Flights.

There are many other services like Google Arts and Culture, Google Translate, Field Trip, Google Hangouts, Google Alerts and Google Dictionary that carry significant purposes of their own to help everyone looking for answers on Google. 

Earning with Google: Google AdSense

Let’s get back to our main topic as we have briefly discussed some essential services provided by Google for us. Many of us already know about them all, and many are still wondering about them after reading their names. It will be a great idea to research them some more, and if you wish to do that, you can click on the link to find out. 

When we talked about Google earning methods, the most helpful yet commonly adapted service is Google AdSense. You must have heard it from some people around you if your friends’ circle revolves around any online earnings. AdSense helps you earn through your blogs and websites where you are uploading through and actual content for a better world. 

How AdSense works?

If you own your professional page or website where you update regular articles and blogs or any video work, you can check your eligibility to apply for AdSense on their page. While you wait for answers, you carry on with your work. If you are accepted, you will be given ads from Google to display on your blog or page. 

Advertising through your blog will give you prominence, and you may get contacted by brands and high-class companies to display their ads. Clicking on an ad will help you earn extra, along with getting hired by companies.

Working with AdSense without a website

Many online workers raise a question about earning through AdSense without having a website. Well, we all know that it’s compulsory to have one to be recognized, but it’s also hard maintaining it, and many of us already know about this duty. This question exists among the online workers, and we are also here to answer that with a much simple approach.

 There are more ways than earning techniques for having a website and getting ads on it. However, they may seem like an answer, but there are drawbacks for not making through a good website as it strongly emphasizes on having one. 

  • YOUTUBE: Do a partnership with displaying AdSense Ads on YouTube. Upload them on YouTube and gain views as much as possible. If someone clicks on the ad, you earn.
  1. REVENUE SHARING: Websites with revenue sharing allow you to post content or write articles on their pages. While doing so, they display their ads on your personally written blogs on their websites, and if someone clicks it, you get a share. Want to know more about the details, then click the link to find out.
  2. CONSISTENCY: Even if you chose a slower path to earn, you need to be more constant than ever if you wish to gain some earnings from making money through AdSense without a website. Working for other websites and posting on their behalf also profits you, but the share is divided into less profit. Your post and ads play on your blog. If someone clicks it, you get some click share. 

Staying strong if wish to move slow

Let’s make it clear that finding a shortcut to earning without a website is not a supportive idea. So it’s best to find yourself a good source of website making and get yourself a personally approved website so that whenever and wherever you wish to earn through your work, it will all belong to you rather than any other company. 

If you are not able to afford a website, you can create your very own pages on Facebook and YouTube count and work there until you are prominent. Then you can get yourself a professional website and gain more audiences through multiple social platforms. Once you are eligible, Google will accept you into its earning community, and you will have a great future ahead. Stay intense and persistent until you succeed.

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