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How to Start a Blog and Make Money? Online Earnings

by Munim Hamid

People are into working online and earning easy money nowadays. It’s not only that they want it to happen; they are given opportunities and choices over different kinds of job availabilities throughout web search and other advertisement sources. An online job working and earning is a trend that has taken the internet by storm and is benefiting parties, hirers, and workers similarly. 

We may say that its easy working online as its best to work from your own space and do multi-tasking while you are at it, but online working also has its pros and cons as not every online job is beneficial enough to earn more than what we expect. Every job has its benefit limitation and preferences, along with time used.

 If you are hired for a legal company and asked to work on proper working hours from home, it may be profitable enough then the job you are looking for as a freelancer. One of the most common online works that people prefer over their busy lives is ‘Blog Writing.’ 

What is Blog Writing? 

Before we elaborate on the meaning of blog writing, let us tell you what Blog means in general. A blog is like an online personal diary or journal that helps people and companies share their ideas and thoughts with the world. The word Blogging means posting these blogs with some content or post comments on some else’s blogs. It’s a way of sharing and learning about several aspects of one’s personal and social life. 

These written blogs are also named as articles and blog posts. One main reason for everyone to write blogs online must be about providing valuable and informative information along with some engaging and exciting content to read for every reader. Blog writing is adapted by millions of people around the world nowadays as they are not only just sharing their reviews or information through their blogs but also earning through their writings as well. 

How did Blogging start?

Now, you must be wondering how Blogging was made possible. Was it an accidental action or created on purpose? Let us briefly elaborate on how it all started.

The first blog was recognized as Links.net, created by Justin Hall, who was a Swarthmore College Student in 1994. At that time, it wasn’t considered a blog or article but was mainly referred to as his homepage. With time, in 1997, the term ‘web 4blog’ came into being. The creator of this name was Jorn Barger, an influential from an early blog named Robot Wisdom. The word web blogging was made to reflect the process of ‘logging the web’ as the surfer browsed through the internet.

How blogs became part of our internet culture?

Naturally, everyone needs blogs to be present at the time of need nowadays as they always present an answer to anyone’s problem instantly and more briefly. They can be based on traditional news media, topic-based blogs that are related to work or hobbies, or blogs that are purely for entertainment. Blogs make our lives easier as someone who is not aware of many types of information but still comes across a problem that requires an informative answer, can search and find the answer properly through these blogs.

Think of a new chef fresh in the kitchen to practice cooking on his own. He will do his research; learn about different recipes and cooking styles of famous chefs with their dishes. This research will help him get everything he needs to know, along with reading exciting blogs that will help him understand which recipe, food, and safety measures will help him succeed in his cooking career.

How to earn through blog writing?

See how easy it is to become independent nowadays based on blog reading and learning? Furthermore, you can not only become self-sufficient on a work basis but also in the field of earning as well. You can have all the answers to your questions by just reading out blogs related to your query, and it’s a surety that you will find an answer to your question at some point. 

Thinking about creating and earning through a blog site or doing web blogging?

Let us guide you on how to start a blog and make money online.


The first step towards making your blog is to pick a name and make sure you pick something descriptive. Think of the topics that interest you and give you the urge to talk about them and spread the word. If it’s hard looking for a good point, you can sort through your hobbies, passions, life experiences, or a blog that you would like to share about your personal life.


The second step towards making a blog is to choose a domain extension. A .com domain extension is the most common and preferred extension throughout the world, but .net and .org also work well. 

Make sure you pick a preferred name and do not add any spaces in them. If you are willing to name your blog’ Blogging with Tom’, your website name will be ‘bloggingwithtom.com.’


Now it’s time to go online, but you may be confused or scared of how I’m going to do it on my own. Don’t worry as the steps are easy to follow, and you can upload your blog without any outside help. 

There are two things that you need to get your blog started; blogging software and blog hosting. Be happy as both requirements come altogether while applied. The blog host is responsible for storing all your files for the blog and delivers them to the typer who is searching for relevant topics. Make sure you have one if you wish to post a blog. When it comes to blog software, you can either download one or get a ready-made online and make you blog on it.


Select the plan that suits you best to create your blog on the software. Most new bloggers go for real deals that are suitable for them. Lastly, you will go through a detailed process of account registration and payment process.


Create your blog on the website after logging in and try out all the customization details including color designs and page details.


Wherever you create your blog, you will go through a detailed process of account making and other customization options. After you are done with your blog decoration, publish your blog with an eye-catching first post and make it public. 


If you are new to blog posting, you will need time to promoting it. To look for tips for promoting your blogs, click the link to get more ideas.


Now you are ready to step ahead but as you are new to the field, you will need to have patience while promoting your blogs. Make sure you work on promoting your work so that you can get more audience and you will soon start seeing a steady stream of income. It makes take up to six months or a whole year before you start earning on the right scale. 


It’s a start, so you probably don’t have many readers ready to check out your blog. While promoting, keep in mind that readers who go through your website must come again to read more. To make that possible, ask for their emails to keep sending updates of your blog. 

Create a long email list as the saying says that ‘money is in the mailing list.’ Get more emails and send notifications of your new blogs to get them coming back for more blogs. Give extra services and offers in your mail to attract audiences on your posts .


Once your blog is famous, you will be contacted by advertisement companies to get their ads posted on your blog. It’s the easiest way to earn money, and many bloggers start with this step while working on their audience. All you have to do is let their ad work on your blog while your readers read your post. You will be paid for the publishing of the ad quite well. If the readers click the ads, you get paid.


Make sure you add in interesting topics every few days or after a week. Be constant and regular to keep updating about the latest issues and getting more readers. You can benefit from your blog through three aspects; more audience, more ads, and interesting blog topics. Keep up a good pace of all these three points, and you will be earning good money in no time. 

While choosing a name and domain extension for your blog, you must be wondering how I will be able to have my page in the first place? You can try out wix.com, wordpress.com, and blogger.com  by clicking these links along with many other available websites that provide blog making. Click the link for more info and websites.

To know more, click here.


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