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How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?

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If the budget is tight, we encourage everyone out there to get started with affiliate marketing–––a lucrative and easy business model. Bo Bennett, a renowned businessman, philanthropist, author, and programmer, said that“ Affiliate marketing has made ordinary people millionaires.”

Who Are Involved In The Affiliate Marketing Process? 

The three main parties of the affiliate marketing process are: 

  1. Product creators (sellers).
  2. The advertiser (affiliate).
  3. The buyer.

Now, the question arises, how to start affiliate marketing with no money? 

No Money, No Worries!

There’s no business without money. But affiliate marketing gives people the chance to earn income without any initial investment–– just by promoting other company’s products/ services. Ready to discover the facts? Read below.

Create a Social Media Presence

Being a beginner affiliate marketer one doesn’t have to become a blogger right away.  He or she can monetize the online presence in social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest–– all are packed with millions of users.

There is a world of tools that can help grow affiliates online presence. Just think about any platform that allows interacting with a large audience, can become an affiliate marketing platform. These days Tik Tok is perfect for posting useful content and reaching people all over the world. The best part is all these tools are free. A person just has to put in the proper time and effort to grow followers on accounts. 

Start by integrating affiliate links within profiles, updates, posts, etc. and see results. However, it is mandatory to follow the rules of the client’s sites.

Be on Facebook

Without any doubts, we can say that billions of people are using Facebook these days, which makes it the largest social media platform. Promoting affiliate products is super easy if a person has a page on facebook. Of course, the page has to look professional with a relevant subject or interest in there too. For example, it could be about fitness, relationship, health, money, etc. This is how a person can build an audience and share relevant posts to grab their attention. Remember, over-posting could destroy the brand image so make sure to post wisely.

Build relationship: Suppose, an affiliate has 3000 friends, so he or she has got a free audience of 3000 people to start affiliating with. The key is to go natural like do not spam them or inbox them affiliate links. Just keep posting updates and relevant materials to get more likes and comments. Try to build relationships with everyone out there.

Furthermore, affiliates can join the best groups they come across. But what defines the best group? In simple words, it is the group that has a lot of people in them (also called an active group) with a lot of interaction. Once affiliates join here, they will interact with the people inside of these groups––it would be fine to add 50 people each day as personal friends.

Once this starts growing, an affiliate can use it to start their affiliate program where they can easily promote products so that the followers can enjoy. It’s that simple!

Be a YouTube Star

How about starting a YouTube channel? This is the best time to try luck! YouTube is another big platform to earn for affiliate marketers as it has millions of users.

Did you know? The most successful YouTubers are earning by the millions annually just by promoting products and services of their choice. 

So, what kind of content an affiliate marketer should promote on his or her YouTube channel? Here’s a shortlist of ideas to do that:

  •       Product reviews: Uploading reviews could help a person gain followers. It is advisable to review the product he or she is affiliated with and hopefully liked it. These product review videos are helpful for obvious reasons.
  •       Tutorials: In these videos, an affiliate can explain how to use the products properly. Obviously, the product would be the one a person is affiliated with.
  •       Recommendations: This is another great way to gain followers on YouTube channel. Create videos recommending products a person is an affiliate with and that benefit the target audience.

Of course, a beginner affiliate may not have as many followers in the start few months, but if he or she keeps posting interesting and informative videos, then they will surely gain the following. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to earn money without investing a single penny. 

Join an Affiliate Program

There is a huge opportunity for affiliates with places like Rakuten, Shareasale, etc. These platforms welcome new members to join their program as they are continually searching for advertisers/publishers who can promote well. 

Here we would suggest some of the biggest affiliate programs to check out.  

To join these programs, a publisher needs to qualify first, and for that, he or she must have enough content. So it is mandatory to have quality content to become a good source. 

Can We Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

The answer is yes. All the above-mentioned methods clearly show that if we have no website, we can still make good money via affiliate marketing.

Email marketing, paid advertising, video marketing, offline efforts, and retargeting are all components of affiliate marketing. However, the success depends on the product or niche a person chooses to work on. 

For more information, please visit our blog How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website? Learn Step by Step Guide

Final words

Now if you have chosen to become an affiliate, you need to find a product that has high demand and can promote at an affiliate program. This product must be commissionable. You earn the commission once the visitor completed an action like signing up or enlisting in the email list or purchases something. This marketing technique is favorable for both affiliate and the seller. This is because the affiliate gets a commission (the amount of each product varies) while the seller makes the sales, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Thank you for reading!

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