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How to start Freelance writing?

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Freelancing is becoming prestigious nowadays. You don’t need to argue with working your hours, determining your pay, and choosing your clients.

There’re a lot of freelancers who can put pen to paper, and make money from home by this skill. If you’ve probably heard of freelance bloggers, you might wonder about the difference between them and bloggers. To sum it up, simply for you, a full-time blogger is a hobbyist. For your understanding, sum it up, full-time bloggers have to write about whatever the topic is desired.

On the other hand, freelance bloggers work for someone in a mobile location, usually on a contract basis and get paid an amount by contracted agreement. Starting a freelancing job is not a bowl of duck soup, in the beginning, it requires the effort, but in return, you will find it more rewarding.

All you need to start freelancing is a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. Here’re some tips that will help you with how to start freelance writing.

Develop your online presence

You just have to start somewhere to succeed in your goal. And if you’re a newbie in freelance blogging, then your online presence is crucial.

So, get a domain, and choose the name of your domain and registers it, preferably a .com. Sign up for several social media platforms of your choice, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Mention on social media that you’re a freelance blogger or freelance copywriter. Make yourself familiarize with the journey ahead, by reading through the blogs and articles on freelance writing, too.

Treat your blog like a consumer. Carefully, check out your work as it is your online portfolio. Make a schedule of publishing your posts, and stick to it.

Regular Pitching

Regular pitching is also essential because you no one know that you’re a freelance writer until you inform them. After all, when you’re seeking for best voicemail messages, you will approach the services that are listed.

To build your portfolio, start guest posting and visit the various freelance marketplaces. Go to authoritative sites and pitch your ideas to potential clients or businesses.

You can also send cold pitches to organizations that are currently not looking for writers actively. Try the job boards.

Find your Niche

There’re articles that I get energized to write about, just from their subject matter that they address. And sometimes, these articles help me to write out of my comfort zone. It can be captivating to learn about a topic of interest. Because if it doesn’t fascinate you, then it may bog you down.

Write about the things which you like and keen on learning about.

Focus on your niche. It will make you stand out and sets you apart as a subject matter expert.

Speed up

For a freelance blogger, the important thing is how many blogs you can churn out in a day. Faster typing speed will make you able to create more blogs. So, if you want to become a good freelance writer, improve your typing speed, write un-plagiarize content, and avoid making errors.

Practice makes men perfect, so more you write, better you can turn your thoughts into words.

Set and focus on Goals

Writing is a creative outlet. If your clients reject your writing style, you may feel like you’re rejected as a person. Don’t fret, if someone rejects your writing style. Set your goals and work towards achieving them. Trust yourself and keep hustling. Give your best, so that more clients can approach you. In this way, you can easily set your goals.

With freelance blogging, you choose where and when you can work comfortably. If you love writing and can articulate your thoughts on paper, why not make extra money from it? I hope this article will help you to start your journey in the world of freelancing.

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