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How to write a consulting proposal

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When companies need assistance in fixing the budget, planning a marketing campaign, or restructuring the business, they ask potential consultants to write a proposal for the project in question. 

A proposal is a documented suggestion on how the consultant would approach and complete the project and covers all aspects of the project, including the schedule, the consultant’s plan, and the full budget.

To create a winning consulting proposition that offers solutions to the client, you must collect a lot of valuable information that allows you to make it successful in the long term. But, for that proposal to be successful, you must follow the following ten steps that will guarantee you to solve the client’s problems so that you are finally hired.

Knowledge of the role.

First of all, before throwing yourself headlong into writing, you need to have in mind the type of task you are going to perform

In addition to getting the best information on the job in question, it is good to first talk to the people who have requested your advice. Only in this way, by analyzing the situation in detail, you can have a concrete idea of ​​the role and task required. 

Therefore, inquire well about the time frame for which the advice is required. Whether the opinion requested is of a general nature or something more specific, or even the need to draw up a report on the company’s work. 

For work purposes, make sure not to neglect the applicant’s economic possibilities so that the work limits can be assessed together. 

It is not only about following the formula to make the service proposal. It is also about questioning the guidelines of your way of working and knowing in-depth your differences and advantages from the rest of the competition. Do you want to know what the steps to create a successful consulting proposal are? Here you will get to know!

Ten steps to a winning consulting proposal.

When a client seeks help, he needs to make sure that the consultant will improve his company’s performance, that he really has the solutions to his problems, and that he will get quick results. To create a successful proposal, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

1. It is crucial that you are competitive and that your proposal stands out from the rest

Why does that client need to hire you and not someone else? If you cannot answer this question yourself, it will be difficult for someone to do so. You must have a clear and precise message, easy to understand, and decisive to persuade. Define the value of the way you work and demonstrate what you are capable of achieving in a transparent way.

2. Present an additional plan in case obstacles appear

After auditing the business and identifying its essential needs, you should ask yourself more questions. As an auditor, you commit to having different plans for challenges that arise unexpectedly. Use all the resources you have to demonstrate to the client that your proposal will help them position themselves in their market. It ensures that before any obstacle, you will have the solution.

3. Tell your story and let everyone know about your success

There is a lot of competition, and every day that passes, the world needs to look for tips to be more updated. You must get ahead of the competition and spread your message.

You count your successes, what motivates you, and even your experiences as a consultant. Connect with people and partner with other professionals who help you spread the word about your work and your excellent results.

4. Covers all the needs that were defined in your diagnosis

In your consultancy, you should not miss any detail. No one knows their business more than the owner himself. So it covers all the guidelines and areas of customer need, does not ignore any detail, even if you think it does not matter. The client will ensure that he will invest in a quality consultant who will protect his assets.

5. Believe yourself in the importance of your services

Break any barrier in your mind that prevents you from believing in your abilities. For someone else to believe in your strengths, you must first believe and strengthen them yourself. Orient yourself to the importance of your services and accept that you have the solution to any market problems.

6. Become a marketing expert and show it in your winning proposal

In marketing are all your potential customers, and today, they are all present in the digital world. There are no excuses to run away from it and even less when all it presents you are advantages. It would be best if you are flexible, ready to evolve and adapt to changes. We assure you that by selling your services in this way you will have many winning proposals.

7. Stay updated and present proposals dynamically

Exploit technologies to make customers choose your proposals. Do not stay only with documents in “Word.” Use videos, infographics, design images, and other digital resources that attract any client who needs help. Technology makes many things easier for you, and it is the best way for your strategies to be understood.

On the other hand, train yourself and evolve along with the world. You must understand that what you learned five years ago is already old, and the only way to acquire experience is through training and constant learning. Your client is already aware of everything, and you must show him that your solutions are novel and your strategies are in trend.

8. Be responsible with delivery times and establish a calendar of objectives

Show the client that your previous proposals have succeeded in the promised time. Present in your consultancy references of other jobs that have achieved satisfactory results and in the agreed times to give them the security to hire you as their consultant.

9. Define and make your strengths known in your consultation.

The first thing is to convey that your proposal has all the solutions to their problems, and as you explain your strategic plan, you must inform them that your services have more benefits. Analyze your advantages and always present them. Make it clear how your tools and skills will make you grow financially. It is among the most crucial moves to a successful consulting proposal.

10. Take care of the details, design, and writing of your winning proposal to arouse interest

You already have quite clear and established the steps for a winning proposal, but you should not neglect your presentation’s clarity and spelling. Maintain positive language in all your texts and make them concrete. Use persuasive words and always try to explain the most technical words.

It presents easy-to-read structures and includes graphics that make it easier for the client to understand your strategies. Take care of the appearance of your proposals so that they all turn out to be winners.

In writing, be as concrete, specific, and determined as possible. Showing confidence will lead to trust in you on the part of the clients.

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