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8 Killing Types of Blogs That Make Money

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Some niches are more comfortable to scale in the blogging world and help us earn good money from others. Thinking about what to blog about is tough, though?

Here, we are talking about certain blogging niches that share two specific characteristics so that our readers can evaluate the profitability and make money happily. 

Let’s dig in the right!

What are the two best categories of blog?

Evergreen Content has a longer lifespan

Evergreen content implies that readers always wanted to read about a particular topic relevant to their interests and needs. This is the reason evergreen content is a bit safer to write but often more competitive to rank.

Examples of evergreen niches include lifestyle, workout tips, money-saving ideas, health tips (except fad diets), parenting tips, gardening, and so much more. Google the search term ‘evergreen niche,’ and you’ll get the best results. 

Trending Content––have a short lifespan

As the name suggests ‘trending content,’ requires a lot of research for topics that are on the rise currently! So, before the trend take offs, a blogger needs to write about the viral topic that would help them to make money.

The truth is trendy content is a bit riskier. However, it is less competitive, making it easy for the blogger to earn a handsome profit. 

Pinterest publishes one of the best trends report annually to help bloggers identify some of the most viral topics for the upcoming season.

8 Types of Blogs That Make Money 

Let’s dive into the most popular types of blogs that make money.


Anyone creative in making interesting things, a Do-it-Yourself blog is the best to start with. The key to starting a DIY blog is to be creating crafting ideas loved by the audience. Like any blog, analyzing the needs and interests of your audience is super important. The right blog topic will cater to the right audience and would encourage bloggers to develop content of audience interest time and time again.

Are they moms who love crafting new things for newborn? Are they homeowners who are looking for DIY decor? 


Parenting is an evergreen and one of the most profitable niches one could think of to start. Without any doubt, there are numerous stores dedicated to newborns and young kids. 

Likewise, there are thousands of exciting products for new parents too. Moms are everywhere!

A new blogger can write content related to pregnancy tips or anything that attracts new mummies. 


Health and fitness is another evergreen niche that people will always be searching for. The blog topic could be anything related to diet, exercise, or something like that. Furthermore, bloggers can promote higher-priced affiliate products (related to health/fitness) in this niche. 


Food blogs are indeed competitive and a bit more challenging to monetize. This is because many people search up recipes and aren’t interested in investing a lot of time reading the content. Or we can say that people don’t tend to read the complete content – they just scroll to the recipe. True though!

But many food bloggers have now turned their part-time blogging business into full-time careers with YouTube channels, cookbooks, and sponsorships. Moreover, they can make good money from the ads placed on their videos. Each time a reader or visitor clicks on the ad, bloggers earn for each click. 


People love their furry-friends and love to spend a great amount of money on them. No doubt, the pet niche can generate bloggers a huge profit off affiliate products because every pet love is willing to splurge on their cute fluffy babies.  


People love traveling, and so the travel niche has gained massive popularity within the last few years. Travel bloggers can earn a pretty penny by collaborating with tourism companies, hotel brands, etc. With a growing trend to travel, this niche isn’t slowing down.


The business niche is incredibly competitive and will always hold interest. After all, the purpose is to earn maximum profits.

Business blogs can talk about social media marketing tips, digital marketing strategies, or a range of e-commerce strategies. Wow and amazing!


With the warning from scientists, we need to search for smart ways to conserve energy drastically. Homeowners are super excited to read blogs related to sustainable technologies that help them searching for ways to alter their current consumption patterns.

We believe this topic will trend within the next little bit.

Thinking about the best blogging platform?

Well, there are a lot of different blogging platforms, but in our opinion, WordPress is the best of all. Did you know? WordPress accounts for over 51% of websites in the world. Why it’s so popular? 

  • It is affordable ($6.99 per month).
  • It gives bloggers the chance to grow. With WordPress, people can transform their site into an eCommerce store, have ads, and many other features that we can add on through softwares and plugins.

Do personal blogs make money? 

While you’re reading this article, you might be thinking about if personal blogs (aka lifestyle blogs) can make money? The answer is YES. As long as you are targeting the topics that benefit the readers you will be able to make good money. 

Remember: your blog must provide valuable information and solve a problem for the reader. If your blog is interesting plus informative, we believe it can make money.

Closing thoughts

While blogging about blogging can help you earn high profits because you are speaking to a very small percentage of people all over the world. And that makes sense–you’re targeting small chunk of people to start their own blog. 

Likewise, the blog niches mentioned above are killing it! So, are you now ready to change your life for the better? Yes? Welcome to the blogging world!

Thank you for reading!

Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones who’re thinking to start their blogging business. 

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