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Online Earnings; How to Become a Freelance Writer Online

by Munim Hamid

Ever wondered how it feels to work online for any company or a personal website? How about working as a freelancer and doing your work according to your own choice of time limit? Feels good right? The comfort of staying home and working from your work desk is so much convenient than going to a 9 to 5 job five, days a week.  Even settling for this job timing from home is much easier than leaving your house for work. 

Online working is obtained over 42% of the world population in today’s time, as calculated globally. Out of the world population of 7.3 billion, estimated 3.010 billion people have been calculated for online internet access. People are going crazy for online works and recommendations. The online world has taken us by storm and it has become a norm to work or surf the web like a part of our life.

How online working has become a part of our lives?

We know the fact pretty well that online jobs and work schedules are getting common among the work-at-home group of people these days. It’s a very comforting solution for those who cannot leave their house for multiple reasons and still wish to work to cope up with their financial needs. It was great news for these people when online working was invented some time ago. It made their working hours more convenient which gave them space to accommodate their house and work altogether. 

Internet and web access is available in every home these days which makes the task easier than ever for the worker. Just working from an Ipad, laptop or a tablet is easily possible among any house nowadays due to excessive comfort of doing the tasks through internet support and submitting them while lying in bed. Working from home is every second house’s story these days and surely we can say that they have become a part of our life permanently.

Which type of online working is available around us?

There are tons of online works that people are adapting in their busy lives. Individuals in their high school or college are working extra hours over online jobs to earn easy livings to pay their tuition fees. Some of these jobs are:

  • Online surveys
  • Coupon clipping
  • Call center work
  • Virtual assistant
  • Home customer service
  • Home data entry
  • Customer service representatives
  • Freelancing as writer, proofreader, business planner, etc.
  • Digital work
  • Graphic designing
  • Educational assignment making
  • Language tutoring

Above were just a few types of jobs that are available throughout the companies that are hiring jobs online. It’s not difficult to search for something that requires your attention online and you can easily look out for anything that suits you best. There are even websites that provide all kinds of jobs and their links to make it easy for the searcher to look for everything in one site.

Freelancing, the most common category of online working

The most common type of online work is freelancing. What is freelancing or freelancer work? Freelancing work is where the worker does the tasks for himself rather than being employed for any company or site. Some freelance workers also take up projects and contracts for companies but do not provide official commitments with them and work as self-employed workers for specific contract limits. In the end they get paid for what they do and move on to their next task. 

Freelance workers set their time schedules, working hours and time spending on multiple contracts on their own rather than like any other traditional employee. They are considered as ‘contractors’ rather than ‘employees’ by the companies.

How freelancing works?

If someone is willing to become a freelance worker, he needs to make sure that he is ready to bee professionally stable and able to control over his life. People with mature and independent nature tend to such online working greatly as they know they can follow up a routine of working from home while adjusting their other home priorities. If you wish to work from home, you need to be sure you can take the time out for work and have all the essentials that you need in case of working properly.

You need to have a proper internet connection and a perfectly working electronic device with latest features in order to provide great work results. Also, make sure you can take a few hours out of your daily routine so that your work doesn’t become a hassle in your other tasks. Freelancing may seem easy but it must be taken seriously in order to give it time even in your comfort zone.

How to work online as a freelance writer?

Writing jobs are extremely in fashion in today’s world, or you may say in the world of online jobs. People find typing and writing jobs the easiest as it does not take up much of their mind and time to perform an entry or writing task. Still, some writing jobs require a lot of thought assembling and opinion formation in order to state the content right on the web page. These jobs are called the content and article writings where people write about different types of blogs, articles and content related t any necessity of life. How can one become a freelance writer online? Below are some tips to follow for people who are interested in working in typing and writing jobs from home desk. 

  • First of all, now what you are capable of and what best you can do. If writing job is your preference, you need to focus on your grammar, language engagement and provision of true meaning in words thoroughly. 
  • Writing jobs, especially the ones which require personal thoughts and opinions require language fluency in writing skills and moral engagement through reading specifically. If you have a good hand at language, you may accept a job related to your talent but still keep learning and working on your spellings and grammar along with work.
  • Open your own website or blog if you wish to earn more on your own rather than working for an online company. Update regularly and engage people with your blogs every now and then to keep them entertained with multiple types of topics and current affairs.
  • Start something that you are fully interested in, such as health blogs, political reviews and discussions, content and info writing of products and essentials, review blogs of latest products in the market, food and beverage reviewing, etc. There are hundreds of ideas which can help you work on a writing job online that come in personal and official category.
  • There is no harm in investing yourself for better future. Writing skills prefer great language grip which can only be possible through strong language base or some professional language courses. Work on your writing and language through short courses or certificates to increase language strength.
  • Online writing requires one solid fact that must be present while writing and providing data over the website; ENGAGEMENT AND MEANING DELIEVERY. Words carry power worth a million and if you know how to deliver your words through typing while merging your thoughts and logical facts together, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a great writer. 
  • Make your work stand out.  If you wish to create your own website or small company related to any home-based business, make sure you follow the ultimate guide to make your work stand out through great graphical designing and word limit at your front page. Make it visible and advertise it throughout the internet and it will help you reach more viewers.
  • Keep a thorough check of how much you are spending and investing on your work. If the website is yours, keep check of how much earnings you are obtaining and how much you still need to reach. If you work under a contract or project for a company, keep a check of word limit and hours that you spend on your work. Keep track of your time spending and adjust it according to work necessity. Make sure you sit and work out all the way through the time limit so that it becomes habitual and you get used to giving specific hours to your work. 

Writing jobs may not seem difficult but using words to spread a message always takes up great focus and meaning in words to be spread all over the world. 

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