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Upload, Share and Earn: How to Earn Money from YouTube Channel

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We all know YouTube since 2005 when the three friends Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley realized that in 2004, there wasn’t even one location where videos could be shared. So they worked on an application from the inspiration of Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident and tsunami in December that year that triggered the idea to create YouTube. 

It wasn’t long when people came to understand the application, and today it’s one of the topmost used and viewed applications all over the world. YouTube allowed everyone to create, upload, and share all kinds of videos anywhere and everywhere. 

It has made its place with the versatility of video sharing experience and amazing non-buffering video watching quality. It has replaced television needs as it provides several watching and sharing options along with downloading, liking, and disliking what people don’t want to see. 

The demand for YouTube in Present Time

Today, we see every individual, from youngsters to adults, lost in the world of social media. People have forgotten television shows and dramas as they are more into the easiness of watching them at their comfort. One of these social media easiness provisions is given by YouTube, and as the days go by, they are adopting more ways to update it and groom it for much easier use.

Now, it’s not just about video watching and sharing, it’s about making money out of it. People are making a living out of YouTube, which is beneficial for almost everyone on a large scale. People make or upload videos, get likes, views, and shares, along with followers, and earn from it quite well. Some youngsters have earned a fortune from just getting viral on YouTube. Yes! It’s got great!

How is YouTube affecting us?

It’s a known fact that we need YouTube at present desperately. Why? Because social media has taken over the lives of every individual so profoundly that we cannot rely on our lives without being attached to the internet and its sources. YouTube is also playing a part in such tasks as almost everyone is earning from YouTube online b making and sharing videos throughout the world.

We cannot live without knowing what is going on around us, and that’s why YouTube plays that role to let us know what other people are doing around us. YouTube has brought out talents and creativity among people, which has become their earning source on this platform. Furthermore, we can learn about almost everything present in this world through informational videos.

We learn, adapt, compliment, resent, and do everything that comes to our mind while we use YouTube. We do not live away from the negativity that is present everywhere. The same is with this application, as it has brought obsessiveness and greed among many young people.  Fame and curiosity are taking over young minds, which is destroying their future planning. 

That’s why it’s always best to keep the right balance of social media sources in our lives; otherwise, we become a quick victim of many mental illnesses in no time. 

Using YouTube in a healthy and earning way

A lesson is always highlighted when it comes to discussing social media apps, and that is to keep their usage balanced and profitable otherwise, you fall and fall bad. YouTube is an excellent source of living if taken seriously. People who are standing at the heights of fame have known how to use their talent here and stay sane have reached successful careers. All we need to do is to look after our living patterns, and we shall remain safe while being productive and thoughtful about ourselves

How to benefit from YouTube?

Let’s come to the main point where we wish to discuss how people are earning and profiting through YouTube? Well, it’s a whole process of creating, uploading, and sharing where genera need to follow some rules to reach a specific point where they can be able to earn. Let us guide you about those steps first.

  • Generally, YouTube gives a list of sources from which you can earn through their website. Those sources are:
  1. Advertising Revenue
  2. Channel Membership
  3. Merchandise shelf
  4. Super Chat and Super Stickers
  5. YouTube Premium Revenue

All of these sources give a different category of earning criteria when anyone can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. If you wish to know more about them, click the link for more information.

  • Each of these features consists of their own set of eligibility requirements other than subscribers and view counts requirements. If you are not eligible or cover the legal stream criteria for YouTube, you will not be given the specific feature.
  • Technically we all know that YouTube asks for a range of subscribers, along with view count, to be eligible for earning on their website. Also, video liking is counted when you wish to get from ads in your videos. Typically, how people try to make on YouTube, but as we mentioned, there is more than one way to earn from YouTube now. 
  • All of the above features require age eligibility along with subscribers limit a minimum of up to 10,000. All you need to do is to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and check for these features eligibility process. If you have more than 10,000 subscribers, you may have a chance to start earning quickly. Furthermore, you can check whether your content is capable of being accepted by the reviewers and if it’s possible, then you are ready to start earning on YouTube.


It is not a firm idea to understand the criteria of YouTube earning as it has been quite a long time since people have been in this earning field. Many famous YouTubers and entrepreneurs have succeeded in gaining fame through YouTube with great and attractive content throughout their hardworking years. YouTube appreciates the cold and sweat spent on the creativity of its users and provides earnings as much as they deserve.

All you need to do is to create content that is suitable, watchable, and appreciate able by everyone around the website, and you will be earning loads in no time. 

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