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How to Develop Writing Skills in Students

by Munim Hamid

When it comes to elaborating educational based problems and issues, especially where students are involved, they can become a little tricky and confusing. The cycle of educational studies and behavior is vast and detailed in the present day as teaching and learning methods have evolved and polished throughout the educational history. Students are facing more typical and evolved problems and academic challenges in today’s time due to advanced changes and features in the educational world.

While discussing education, students are taking up several challenges in studies as it has become more competitive and difficult for many students. One who is leading the top with great grades and prominent status is known and successful around the world. Hardworking and simple living people are not much appreciated in this cruel era. Still, students are working their best in the field of writing education.

How writing studies affect a student’s life?

It all starts from the very beginning of school life, where a child is admitted to the school to start his educational journey. With time, the child learns to read and write along with understanding the different concepts of life. 

During this process, it depends on the mental strength of the child to adapt what and how it’s presented. If the academic criteria of the institute are well-polished and advanced in teaching techniques, the child will learn through all the skills perfectly. 

Along with all the skills, writing skills are a prominent branch of the child’s learning tree. If the child is not able to process his thoughts and ideas in the form of a document of essay with his own words, his language skills, and base disturbance will affect his writing skills all his life. Think of a child who wants to be a writer in the future but is not able to express his emotions through words will only get disappointed all his life. 

Importance of writing skills for students

Why are writing skills essential to learning for students? Well, it’s a simple fact that children tend to work along their 15-16 years of studying to achieve a proper career. If they are not well-educated and taught how to learn and write or self-write clearly, they will not be able to attempt any self-answering questions in exams. 

Mostly, in starting years, teachers work on all kinds of skills for children to help them understand their tasks from each side. Every student is capable of different mental strength and does not understand everything quickly. If the child is left unnoticed, and the teacher does not take a concern towards him individually, he will end up just the way he is learning at the end of his student years. It won’t be easy for the child to write something creative or imaginary on his own neither he will be able to express himself through words. That’s why in today’s educational system, writing and reading skills are the first two priorities of educational institutes.

How to enhance writing skills in students nowadays?

When it comes to finding solutions for writing skills enhancement, one can always search for several ideas to practice and adapt to nurture the writing talent of a brilliant child. If you are one of those individuals who need to understand writing skills important and work on them for yourself or someone you care about, then we are here to solve your problem comfortably. 

If you are wondering how to develop writing skills in the present time, you can look forward to some of our interesting and easy tips to apply to enhance your writing skills. Below are some tips for teachers that they can apply while working on their students’ writing skills. 

  • Take responsibility: If you are a teacher and you need to work on a student’s writing skill than you need to think of it as a responsibility of your own to work on it. If the child is not responsive enough, bring out ideas and sources that help you understand your child’s nature and support his writing no matter what he writes. 

          If you are a student yourself, search, and solve multiple types of exercises to work on your writing skills.            Take help from your teachers and ask them to give you tasks to work upon and correct your writing                    skills.

  • Let them know you care: While working on your students’ writing skills, make them see how much concerned you are for them. Don’t fulfill your task and leave; look over your student’s work and give them reviews along with guidance to improve their work. 

          Never degrade or disgrace their words no matter how wrong the formation or grammar is; correct them            humbly and guide them where they are wrong. You can also give them extra exercises related to their                work to practice writing skills. 

  • Stay firm on your practice skills: Keep a schedule of giving your students’ practices and let them know what you think. Give them space to think about what and how they feel about the topic and tasks, and they will come and share their reviews without any hesitation. If you are strict and reserved while giving work, they will never feel comfortable and be open with you no matter how much progress they wish to show you.  
  • Be there for your students: No matter where you are, whenever they want to question, you should be there to answer it. Keep a friendly contact with your students and tell them to contact you personally only if you need help direly. Try your best to be available for them on school grounds at all times, as it will be easy for them to reach you rather than at home. 


  • Never feel enough: Never feel that your student has learned enough to become a wise person. Even if your student starts showing progress in writing skills, keep giving him extra work. Such as giving extra exercises on self-writing and grammar, quick scenario answering, small stories on two characters, dialogues, or personal opinions on educational or political topics.  


          Don’t take up much of your student’s time and keep your tasks and practices short and easy. It will not              burden your student’s mind, and he will be glad to attempt it.


  • Link them with other helpers: Give your students more faculties who are working on their writing skills on a higher level. Contact and provide support to your students in case of extra help when you are not available. More easiness in help means more practice and an urge to enhance writing skills in your students. Guide them to be supportive enough to help your students at the time of need whenever they want it. 



One can always sort out his writing problems only if he or she is guided properly about them. People who struggle with writing skills should always keep practicing different types of exercises, no matter what language they want to improve. All it needs is a determination to improve ourselves, and we shall be able to find solutions and improve along automatically. Students must take action towards their writing skills on their own, too, and not depend on their seniors and teachers to make them fluent in what they lack. 

Solve your problems wisely and find ways to improve yourself with good guidelines, and you will never need someone to correct you. 

Keep practicing and keep learning until you feel you have achieved something in your life!

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