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How to Make Money with WordPress? Checkout Experts 8 Proven Ways

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These days both teens and adults have found ways to make money with WordPress––a popular platform among freelancers, bloggers, and merchants because of its easy to use features and a good source of profit.

WordPress powers more than 33% of websites today. There are many different ways by which a person can earn a handsome income with this Content Management System. 

Let’s dig in the right!

1. Freelance Writing

Starting off content creation is easy if a person has a laptop and internet connection. Content creation isn’t limited to any topic and extends to almost every niche.

There are millions of websites that need fresh and unique content. To start, we suggest writers visit their favorite blogs and submit articles in exchange for money. Moreover, they can create content for other site owners.

While this list is full of ideas, a blogger can also find WordPress content writing jobs on different job portals like Upwork and ProBlogger Jobs –tons of writing jobs are available.

How to apply?

Before applying on any freelancing platform, it is advisable to built an online portfolio setup to showcase the previous work. Besides, a short bio, active social profiles, and published posts links required starting the job.

2. Create & Monetize a Blog

In this competitive online world, a person shouldn’t always rely on a 9 to 5 job. It is always a great idea to launch WordPress blog and start making money!

But how to learn creating a WordPress website? Read guides and articles related to how to start your own blog. 

Key steps are installing WordPress, choosing a domain & hosting, choosing a theme according to the subject, adding posts & pages, and installing plugins.

Furthermore, having a blog will help you generate passive income. The blog owner can make money selling ads, using affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, etc. This requires no effort– its merely a way to take advantage of the traffic a person already has.

3. eCommerce & Dropshipping

It takes a bit of effort to build an e-commerce website but WordPress is a fantastic platform for beginners. Why e-commerce? And how to make money with WordPress? 

Because the majority of people are shopping online due to COVID-19, experts suggest it’s a great idea to install WP. Simply install a plugin like WooCommerce and get an online store.

 Unlike other e-commerce options, WooCommerce offers great features, is easy-to-use, and 100% free. Moreover, it offers many helpful features for beginners to set up their store with minimal efforts.

Not limited to a regular storefront, WordPress also helps to build a dropshipping store. 

What is dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a smart retail method where a person doesn’t stock up the products he sells. Instead, it purchases the item from the retailer and ships directly to the customer.

Whether a person uses Shopify or WooCommerce, the dropshipping model typically involves using a plugin to ensure shipping details is sent directly to the supplier. Simply, create a dropshipping model with WordPress.

4. Blog Setup Service

In a blog set up service, a person installs WordPress, upload a theme, add the plugins, etc.  

To get clients, we would advise starting with a blog setup service page on the website. To attract leads to that page, add banners for the services on the site, reach out to others for a guest post, join forums and leave comments with a link to the site, invest in paid advertising, and get on social media. 

5. SEO & Marketing Services

The success of any business website depends on how good its SEO is, and if not correctly done can put all efforts in vain. This is the reason why SEO service providers earns huge income.

Marketing services go simultaneously with SEO. But managing ads requires time and effort––like researching keywords, creating graphics, bidding strategy, placement, and more. 

A blogger who already has connections––for their website–– can certainly lend their clients a helping hand. They can set a based fee plus a percentage (for marketing services) based on traffic or conversions.

6. WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress developers can’t run their blog without using plugins, right? Plugins are mandatory to add extra features on the site that help run a blog successfully. Some Plugins are absolutely free; others have a premium fee. A developer can choose the best ones among thousands of plugins available in WordPress.

Now, the question arises, how to make money via WordPress plugin development? Let’s suppose if a developer creates a plugin to resolve a complex problem, a solution to which his audience might also be interested in knowing––nothing can stop him from making income.

A beginner level developer must analyze a few existing plugins that are making a constant cash flow! It is advisable to create plugins by focusing on a specific need.

7. Security Consulting & Solutions

Security is of the utmost importance. A website owner is ready to pay anything to secure their website from hackers and intruders.

Those people who are confident in their coding skills and security abilities can provide security consulting and solutions. Some areas they can consider include:

  • Security Audit
  • General Security Hardening
  • SSL Setup
  • Malware Removal

Of course, there are many other vital aspects to WordPress security, but the above are primary.

8. WordPress Theme Development

Similar to providing WordPress plugin development, a person can also offer theme development services. To offer these services, it is not necessary to be a top-class designer, but a developer should know what he is designing and who the targeted audience is. 

Sell WordPress themes at Creative Market, Template MonsterThemeforest, or from own website.

Last words

We hope this article helps you understand 8 best ways to make money with WordPress. The list is never-ending, and you may see many more things in the near future. After all, WordPress is full of opportunities!

Thank you for reading! 

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